The Unmaking of Medical Inadmissibility

This documentary film is about Martha, Winnie, Stella, and Yvonne who, as people wanting to immigrate to Canada, are struggling to deal with having been denied. State bureaucrats have deemed them to be social, legal and health risks. The film asks the viewer to consider and contemplate answers to this question: How would you feel about being discredited, singled out, disproportionately probed, and rendered ‘medically inadmissible’ based on your bodily status?

Produced by The Inadmissibles Art Collective (2020)
Directed and researched by Laura Bisaillon
Written by Laura Bisaillon & Aida Radoncic
Storyboarded, animated & illustrated by Ujwal Mantha, Tania Montoya, Aida Radoncic, Ze Xi Ye, Zihan Yi & Ke Er Zhang
Sound design & editing by Zihan Yi